7 Hilariously Fun Indoor Dog Activities and Games

Here in Canada, the weather dictates how long or often we take our best friends out for some activity. While there are people and dogs who are not bothered by this, there are those who are. Not everyone loves to spend half an hour in minus thirty degrees!

At the same time, there are some dogs who can be fussy even when it comes to rain. Dogs change as they age too. They may not want to go out in rain or snow, whereas when they were younger, they’d be the first in the queue! Let’s take a look at some indoor dog activities that can be fun and stimulating, even for you.

1. Find The Treat

When it comes to treats, dogs go absolutely mental! You can just see the intense expression on their faces. They have fire in their eyes! Why not combine a treat and a game together? After a while, they will also get used to it and look forward to ‘that time of the day’. These are fun indoor dog activities. because they have a keen sense of smell and it makes them use their natural skills.

You can use actual treats or use something like chopped carrots. You could even use their dry kibbles. Just make sure to give a little less when you feed them to counter this. Take the treats and place them about the room, but make sure that they are watching.

Repeat a term like “find the treat” and when they do, praise them. They will understand, so when you say “find the treat” to them, they will get excited!

2. Teach A Trick

Teaching your dog a new trick can be fun for both of you. It is a great way to do stuff indoors with your dog with lots of interaction. Some tricks are easier to teach, but be patient and don’t forget to give lots of praise.

These indoor dog activities can take some time, but at least you both spend quality time with each other. Dogs love you no matter what, so they love spending time with you. Bless them!

3. Hide & Seek

These classic indoor dog activities will probably be more fun for you than your canine friend! As you peek from your hiding place, just watch their bemused faces as they look for you. If this won’t make you laugh, nothing will. Your dog, especially the active Golden Retriever breed, will absolutely love hide and seek too.

You know what dogs are like. They will seek high and low for you. They get excited, start running about looking for you, then suddenly stop with a bemused yet intense look on their face. You can make a sound or call them and they suddenly shoot off again.

Sometimes, they pass your hiding place and don’t notice you there. It is just so cute and funny and you and your dog will absolutely have a blast with this!

4. Massage

Here’s something most dog owners may not even consider, or have never tried. How about giving your dog a massage? Be gentle. It can be very relaxing for your dog. It is a great way to bond with your dog indoors. The best part is, there may be several benefits to doing this, especially if you have an older dog.

Dogs can suffer from arthritis just like us. If your dog has arthritis, a gentle massage can help to sooth sore joints.

Massages can also help to relieve anxiety and stress as well as improve circulation. Dogs can go through many things just like us. Apart from increasing the bond between the two of you, you can also spot any bumps and lumps and catch something early.

5. Toy With Treats

You can get a toy that either dispenses treats or one where a treat falls out at a certain angle. One toy that comes to mind is the Kong. These rubber toys are durable and can also be washed. They are pretty indestructible. This can keep your dog entertained for a while indoors. You could throw in a few kibbles so that your dog can smell it and try to get at it.

At a certain angle, the treat can fall out and your dog can gobble it up, quick as lightning. Put in another one and watch the fun start again. Some people also use peanut butter, so your dog can lick at it. If your dog needs to watch its sodium content, then don’t use peanut butter often. You can check with your vet to see if this is OK.

6. Puzzles

There are special puzzle toys for dogs to keep it entertained indoors. These indoor dog activities can be challenging and stimulating for the mind. These toys make your dog think and try to solve things and be rewarded. Some of these puzzle toys are not all that expensive. You can get these from places like Amazon if your local pet shop does not carry them.

These interactive dog puzzle toys are a great indoor activity for your dog. These also tend to be a treat dispenser, so imagine how happy you will feel when your dog solves the puzzle and gets rewarded with a treat.

7. Muffin Pan

This is a wonderful thing to try with your dog indoors. Get a muffin tray, which you may already have. Get 12 tennis balls and some treats. That’s all you need for this. Place some treats in 3 or 4 cups in the tray. Then take the tennis balls and place them in every cup. This encourages your dog to use its senses, well, mainly sense of smell really.

Your dog will smell the treat and will have to figure out how to get that goddamn ball that’s in the way! They may poke it with their nose, paw at it or maybe try to scoop the ball out with the mouth…and there it is! The best part is, you probably have all these materials in your home already.

Hide and seek and the muffin pan game will probably end up being the most fun and popular for you and your dog, but certainly try other things too. These indoor dog activities are bound to be a hit.