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Why Are There Rats in My House? - Just Around Town

Why Are There Rats in My House?

The changing seasons we experience every year bring about several different feelings. The cold climate in the winter allows us to get together with loved ones around the fireplace. During the warmer months, we invite others to our homes to enjoy a good meal or movie.

Unfortunately, there could be some uninvited guests to contend with throughout these seasons. Rodents are known to frequent one’s living arrangement if openings exist for them to enter. The infestation can harm your well-being if not taken care of immediately.

Use these easy pest control tips to inform yourself about their presence and how to solve it.

1. Food

By and large, any conscious living being will be attracted to the sight of sustenance. Food allows us to keep our bodies and mind in sound check. However, when it comes to mice, leftover food may be the source of their appearance. That is why you must be careful with how you contain your food items.

Food displayed in an open area can always be ideal for rats to fester. They will come out when the coast is clear and nibble away at what they can. Keep all your food products tightly sealed and put away to prevent this from occurring frequently. All it takes is a few crumbs for them to get going!

2. Home Openings

Sometimes, rats may just be trying to find a place to live! Should this be the case concerning your own home, they could be navigating through various openings in the property. These openings could be easy to move through, or the rats can create them. Either way, you must do your due diligence and find these gaps.

Start by looking at the ground and behind large structures. For example, the rat in question may be using a small hole to travel, which is located behind your large sofa. Or, there could be a sporadic gap at the top of your basement, which was previously unseen. It is always in your best interest to fully audit your home’s status to learn about its movement.

3. Pipes

If the mice are not moving through the various holes in place, they will use alternate methods. For instance, pipes could be large enough for a small rodent to travel in. From the kitchen pipes under the sink to the ones in your basement, it is encouraged to inspect them. In some cases, you may even find that all it took was a broken pipe to be used by the mouse.

Or, there could be a leaky pipe in question that is being used as a hydration source for the rodent. Mice are known to plague areas with an available water source. As a result, take the time to repair these pipe openings as soon as possible. That way, you stop them from both moving around, as well as growing their presence.

4. Compost Sources

Homeowners with other pets know how much work it takes to care for them. Any pet will require you to focus on its short-term and long-term well-being. This also includes taking care of compost, which, unfortunately, could be the breeding ground for mice.

Compost not moved into a disposal unit quickly could be a breeding ground for mice. If you have open compost in your open yard, mice will be attracted to it for food. Always be sure to put it in the right disposal, and ensure it is secure for the long term. By doing this, rats will not be curious about what else could be in your home!

5. Plants

Rats are not only known to navigate around areas that could contain sustenance. They may be drawn to your home’s indoor plants. Plants are a source of potential food and a great hiding place during daytime hours. Double-check all sources of flora to be on the safe side of things.

6. Replacing Garbage

Any trash cans or disposal units in your home should also be inspected periodically. Doing this ensures that no unwanted critters have access to it. Rats are notorious for using their ingenuity to make trash their base of operations.

7. Periodic Review

Rodents are known to frequent different areas in your home. If the conditions are right, they will use multiple navigation areas. Always review these potential locations so you can take care of this pesky issue outright!