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Top 5 Tips to Help Prepare for Movers - Just Around Town

Top 5 Tips to Help Prepare for Movers

Moving is never an easy task, and only a few things are any more stressful than moving. Without proper preparation, the day may eventually end up full of frustrations. A lot of preparation is necessary when moving. To have a stress free and seamless day, make sure to prepare for the Edmonton movers ahead of time. Moving will forever be easy thanks to these five tips.

1. Clean and organize your house

Cleaning the items you plan to relocate ensures that the items are in good condition. It also helps you to separate them from those in bad shape. Besides, you would not want to move to a new house with dusty or dirty appliances. Make sure to empty all the drawers and pack all the items in boxes.

2. Separate the valuable items

When packing, separate the valuable items from the non-valuable items. Make sure to package the essential things first. Label them clearly and put them aside from the rest of the items. Do not give the moving company important document to transport for you. Put them where you will easily take them with you.

3. Take an inventory of your possession

A house inventory is a list of all the items you own. You should present the inventory when filing a claim for lost or damaged items during the moving process. An Inventory also helps to avoid transporting items you do not need hence helping you reduce costs. The best way to go about a house inventory is by starting from one point in the house and slowly moving to the rest of the house. Although it is time-consuming, the benefits are worthwhile.

4. Clear the trash

After packing all the items you need, you will realize you have some unwanted items. Depending on the number of things you have and how long it was since the last general clean up, the pile may be huge. Make sure to pack all these items in trash bags and arrange for a special pick up from your local trash company.

5. Take care of your kids and pets

For convenience, it is best if your kids or pets are not around during the moving process. Plan to have them at your neighbors. If not your neighbors, you can get a friend to pick up your kids and take them to the park or any recreational center to keep them entertained. In case you want to have your kids around, put them in a room that has been cleared out of anything you want to move. You do not want them to get in the way of mover.