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How do I Post an Ad?

Answer: Placing a ad is available 24/7.

Please make sure you have your cookies turned on in your browser.

Just go to the main page and register (Sign In).
You will then have full access to create your own ad with pictures.

I cannot upload my pictures.

Answer: They maybe be larger than the size allowed(350kb), or the wrong file type.

Try to reduce them to 400 x 400 pixels, or about 3 x 3 inches.

Types of image files accepted.
(gif, jpeg, png)

Do I have to have a paypal account to use my credit card?

Answer: No, when you use paypal, you will see below a area for non
members. All they ask for other than credit card data, is for your email address,
so they can email a statement to you. They are a very good company to use
for online transactions.

I cannot log back in, its asking for a special code.

Answer: Please go into your Browser and turn on your cookies.

I just placed a ad, but I cannot see my pictures.

Answer: Make sure you refresh your browser or that your picture is a .jpg, .gif, .pjpeg or .png file.

I posted an Ad but never received a verification email, what happened?

Answer: Check your Spam or Bulk Mail folders. It's possible that the account verification email we tried to send you was caught by a spam or bulk mail filter in your email system. If you don't find the email in these folders, add webmaster AT justaroundtown.com to your address book or your filter's whitelist, and request a new verification email.