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How to Use a BBQ Grill for the First Time - Just Around Town

How to Use a BBQ Grill for the First Time

Are you looking to get cooking outdoors with family and friends? Nothing beats the taste of freshly grilled meat and veggies around the picnic table; food just seems to taste better outside.

Whether you are grilling for the first time or have purchased a brand-new BBQ, there are effective ways to start the grilling season that gives you the best chance of success.

This is how to use a BBQ grill for the first time.

1. Read the Instructions

A BBQ grill is simple to set up. It comes with most parts in place. However, some pieces must be attached, and it is best not to wing them.

Go through any instruction manuals that are included and follow them to ensure you get the best performance out of your grill. It may list maintenance tips to follow as well.

2. Find the Best Place to Use Your BBQ

It will work if you set up your BBQ on a flat surface, but that doesn’t mean it is the ideal location for outdoor cooking.

Consider where you put your grill. You don’t want it close to combustible material or near overhanging structures and foliage. It should also be away from high-traffic areas to ensure nobody or pets come in contact with it while running. After you are done using it and it has cooled down, you can move it to a storage place for more room on your deck or yard.

3. Grill Type

You have options when buying a grill, and they can operate using several different fuel sources, including:

  • Gas
  • Propane
  • Charcoal
  • Electric

Pick the type of grill that fits your home and lifestyle, and then you can take advantage of the fuel source you want. Electric is a simple plug-in-and-go where charcoal takes some time to heat up for cooking. Refillable propane tanks are easy and portable, and a gas hook-up in your home is very convenient.

4. Clean and Season

Whether your grill just came out of the box or out of storage, you must prepare it for cooking. This involves giving it proper cleaning and seasoning.

Start by cleaning the grill with a bristled steel brush for cast iron or steel grates or a nylon brush for a porcelain-coated grate. Clear out the bottom of the grill of any debris and wash off the outer housing and structure so it is sterile.

Next, you should season the grill to create a non-stick surface unless you have a pre-seasoned or porcelain-coated grate. Put on a thin, even layer of oil before turning it on and rub off any excess so it doesn’t cause a build-up as it burns. Let it run at a high temperature for around 30 minutes, then turn it off. Your grill is now seasoned and ready to go.

5. Pre-Heating Your Grill

Your grill will usually have a push-button igniter to get it started, so follow the directions for your particular BBQ. Most models require pressing and holding the igniter while turning the knob on. You may hear the fuel spark or see a flame appear. Older models may need a long match or lighter wand to light the gas.

Pre-heating can also help burn off any old food residue stuck and can be part of your cleaning process.

Once you are ready, turn the burners on high and close the lid so it can reach around 400F. It should take around 15 minutes to get there, and then you can reduce the heat to medium.

6. Grilling Your Food

If you are a grilling newbie, start with some easy food items, like steak or hamburgers. Wieners and smokes are fast and hassle-free as well. Place all your meat simultaneously with a few inches of space between them, and give them time to brown up on the underside. Then it’s time to flip them and finish cooking.

You can grill various meat, vegetables, and fruit for a delicious meal.

7. Clean Up

After you grill, turn off the fuel source and let it cool down before scraping the grate. This way, it will be less of a hassle to clean it for the next BBQ. Then once the BBQ is fully cooled down, put your cover on it and ensure it is out of the way and not exposed to the elements.

Using a BBQ grill for the first time can be intimidating, but you will get more comfortable with practice. Follow these steps when outdoor cooking; before you know it, you will become a grill master.