Water Jet Cutting Services

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The Water Jet cutting technique uses the highest pressure of water for cutting the software, materials such as foam and rubber. There are many different abrasives for adding the high pressure water so that it will be quite efficient for resulting in the jet cuts in the abrasive manner. The technique is also useful for cutting the hardened materials such as steel, glass, hard rock, titanium, bullet proof glass, ceramics and many more available. High pressure is used for cutting the tiny orifice and also concentrating more amount of energy in the cutting the tiny area of the material in the best manner. The water will be pressurized with the intensifier pump in the 6200 pressure bar which is 90,000 psi. The water will be forced into the diameter that is required to cut with the higher velocity through a beam. The professional water jet cutting services St Louis provide the environment friendly cold cutting process.

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