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If you want to change the environment but confused between living in Sydney or Melbourne, you need to consider few of the important things first. Both Sydney and Melbourne are the most anticipated cities in Australia, in terms of great food, beaches, cafes, shops, and events. It is very difficult to make a decision. We need to compare a lot of other factors like quality and cost of living, along with other important considerations to make a right choice.

Sydney gets average temperature of 23°C in summers and Melbourne gets 21°C. Sydney witnesses hotter days than that of Melbourne. Melbourne is known for changing weather. So, don’t get surprised if you experience a shower of rain on sunny days. Heat is a lot more bearable in Melbourne.

In terms of cost of food in Melbourne and Sydney, it is almost similar. The well-known hospitality scene in Melbourne is due to several top bars, restaurants and cafes. On the other side, Sydney is famous for variety of dishes offerings. If you are from India and missing that old-world authentic taste, a vegetarian restaurant in Sydney, Radhe Chatpata House gives the same feeling of Indian street food Sydney. They are offering loads of vegetarian menu options to choose from.

The property prices in Sydney are the highest in the world. Rent is also high in Sydney, especially when comparing it to the property prices and rent in Melbourne. But in Sydney, the median weekly income is a bit higher than in Melbourne. But you may be spending more of your pay on affording a place to live.

Sydney has no lack of beautiful and bustling beaches. The top 5 popular beaches in Australia are located in Sydney, including Palm Beach, Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Shelley Beach, and Coogee Beach. People in Sydney have a lot of choices.

On the other side, St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne is a great site to behold. To access some of the best beaches in Victoria, you will have to travel a bit more. Take the highway towards the southwest of Geelong to the southeast of Mornington Peninsula through Great Ocean Road.

Public Transport
Both Melbourne and Sydney have efficient means of public transport to get along the city. If you are not in a hurry to get anywhere, the public transport system in Sydney gives you the panoramic views of the exciting Darling Harbor.

On the other side, if you need an efficient and punctual mode of transport, you should choose Melbourne for its superfast bus, tram and train network.

Both Sydney and Melbourne have exciting events to come every year. Well, there is a little crossover in your choice of events in each city. But they all are full of sports and vibrant arts scene. The big ticket events in Melbourne are the Melbourne Cup, Australian Open, and Formula 1 racing for some high-octane action at Albert Park.

If you are moving to a beach vacation but has enough fortune to spend on cost of living, Sydney is the best place to live.

But if you want to live in a top-class city at reasonable cost of living, with delightful food options and convenient public transport, choose Melbourne.

It’s up to your convenience and your tastes as to where do you want to live in. Overall, both of the cities have their own pros and cons to live in.

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