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BIOHM Health
737 Bolivar Road #200
Cleveland, OH 44115
United States

Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm

BIOHM optimizes digestive health by understanding microbiome ( microbiohm ) which means combining good bacteria, good fungi, and a powerful digestive enzyme proven to break down digestive plaque. Our new probiotic supplement helps optimize the microbiome in the digestive system. Whether you’re new to prebiotics, probiotics or looking to up your gut health game with our popular super greens powder, we have a solution for you. Follow your personalized lifestyle, dietary, and supplemental recommendations from BIOHM and enjoy the benefits of total gut balance! If you have a leaky gut or are experiencing stomach gurgling and pains, you may be a great candidate to start your journey to better gut health. We offer the best organic super green powder and other green superfoods! Check them out if you want to get on a leaky gut diet to rid your body of mucoid plaque.
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