Makrana white marble Supplier

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Makrana white marble Supplier
Makrana White Marble is really "the most white of the whites". Bhutra Marble & Granite makes this king of white stones more attractive and prosperous. Enabled for all high-class commercial and residential projects, Makrana White has turned your dream into a beautiful reality. What comes to your mind after hearing the word Makrana? The answer is marble. Makrana is the world's oldest marble mining excavator. Makrana produces the world's finest quality marble. The symbol of love, "Taj Mahal" Makrana is made using white marble. Makrana Marble is used for building construction, handicraft, ornate temple work, and monuments, western and Indian statues Properties of Makrana Marble: Makrana marble is a high quality white marble that is used in building construction and decoration. In the Makrana area, more than 400 mines of marble are produced approximately 120 thousand tons annually and 55 million tones are reserved by the state government.
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Address: Ahead Bharat Petroleum (Nrl) , Kalidungri, Makrana Road, Kishangarh - 305801 (Raj.) INDIA
Phone No: 9001156068


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