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I Tried the 7 Day Declutter Challenge: Before and After - Just Around Town

I Tried the 7 Day Declutter Challenge: Before and After

Discover the impact of the 7-day declutter challenge. I describe how to tackle the decluttering with an organized day-to-day strategy.

In an effort to combat the cluttered chaos that is my office, I’ve embarked on a seven-day declutter challenge. It’s not just a slight mess we’re talking about here, but a veritable disaster area of papers, cups, and books stacked high. But fear not, for I am determined to restore order to this whirlwind of disorganization.

The challenge is simple yet formidable. Each day, I’ll devote myself to decluttering and organizing a different aspect of my life, be it my office, closet, or kitchen. Nothing shall escape my purging eyes. Anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, bring me joy, or see regular use will be swiftly jettisoned. And what remains will be neatly organized, like a well-oiled machine.

My motivations are twofold: to increase my productivity and efficiency by having a clean and organized space where I can find what I need with ease, and to reduce stress and feel more in control. By the end of the seven days, I envision a transformed environment, with a newfound appreciation for the power of decluttering.

Let’s begin my seven-day declutter challenge.

Day 1

The first day of the declutter challenge was a true test of fortitude. What appeared to be a straightforward task of simplifying my surroundings was actually a Herculean effort. My office was an obstacle course of towering stacks of papers, long-forgotten coffee cups, and haphazardly placed books. Every time I thought I’d made some headway, another nook and cranny of clutter revealed itself.

The challenge of deciding what to keep and what to cast aside was a grueling mental battle. Every decision seemed to bring on a new wave of doubt and frustration. The progress was slow and the weight of the task was suffocating.

At the conclusion of the first day of the decluttering challenge, I found myself feeling completely drained. The thought of having to tackle another area of my life with the same intensity was overwhelming, and I wasn’t sure I had the strength to continue. Despite my reservations, I pressed on, determined to see the challenge through to its completion.

Day 2

After the difficulties of Day 1, I was feeling more determined than ever to conquer the clutter. Armed with a fresh perspective and newfound motivation, I attacked my office with renewed vigor.

I started by creating a plan for the day, mapping out each step of the decluttering process and setting goals for what I wanted to accomplish. With a clear plan in hand, I dove into the next area of my life, the kitchen. The difference was like night and day compared to the previous day. I was focused, efficient, and making great progress. Each discarded item was a small victory, and I felt a sense of accomplishment as the clutter slowly disappeared.

The kitchen was transformed from a disorganized disaster to a clean and streamlined space. The once cluttered counters were now clear, and the cabinets were neatly organized. I felt a huge sense of relief after finishing everything.

Day 3

Day 3 of the declutter challenge brought on a fresh set of challenges as I took on the formidable task of my closet. My initial feelings were a blend of dread and excitement, knowing that the closet was likely to be the most challenging aspect of this endeavor so far.

The sorting process was a rollercoaster of emotions as I was forced to confront my past shopping habits and the sentimental attachments I had to certain clothing items. The thought of letting go of pieces I once loved was heart-wrenching, and every turn seemed to bring on new bouts of frustration and discouragement. The magnitude of clothes that no longer fit my style or that I had never even worn was staggering and left me in disbelief.

Day 4

Today was a day of redemption. I turned my attention to the home office. I got to work scanning the important papers, preserving them in neat, labeled folders. Next up was the never-ending stacks of business cards and notes. I realized that I could easily go digital and started using my phone to take pictures of the cards and save them in my contacts. This made it easier to keep track of the information and it was a more environmentally friendly solution.

Finally, I approached the file cabinet. To my delight, much of the contents proved to be dispensable, as my current life no longer required the information stored within. The process of sorting through it was cathartic, as I joyfully set aside the few vital documents and closed the cabinet with a satisfying thud.

Day 5

I delved into the clutter of my bedroom today. Every object seemed to evoke a specific memory. I found myself getting lost in thought as I relived moments from my past.

An old photo album caught my eye. I smiled as I flipped through the pages. The pictures brought back happy memories of summer vacations and family gatherings. So much time had passed since those moments.

Day 6

Today, I rolled up my sleeves and tackled the bathroom. The mission was simple: declutter and reorganize.

I was faced with a mountain of items that had accumulated over time, many of which I’d forgotten I even had. I methodically went through each item, deciding what was worth keeping and what needed to go.

Afterwards, I set about organizing what was left. I put everything back into its place. I organized everything to keep things tidy and easy to find. The end result was a bathroom that felt refreshed and rejuvenated. It looked so different from the cluttered mess it had been just a few hours earlier.

Day 7

My seven-day declutter challenge is finally over. With one final sweep through every room, I made certain that every item was properly stored, and nothing was left behind. The difference was palpable, with a newfound sense of spaciousness and tranquility permeating the air. My home now exuded a zen-like atmosphere of peace and serenity.

In the process of clearing out my possessions, I discovered a newfound appreciation for the art of letting go. Hanging onto items out of guilt or obligation had been weighing me down. By shedding these material possessions, I found myself unburdened, with the space and peace of mind to start anew.

Going forward, I’ll be mindful of the items I choose to bring into my home, striving to maintain a clutter-free environment that aligns with my newfound sense of purpose and clarity. This decluttering challenge proved to be a transformative experience.