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6 Best Concert Gift Basket Ideas for Music Lovers - Just Around Town

6 Best Concert Gift Basket Ideas for Music Lovers

Concerts are a great way of making new friends and memories while unwinding after days of going to work and being around your family. Experts developed various concert gift baskets to make people’s experiences remarkable.

Concerts have become the order of the day as most upcoming and established musicians use them for marketing their projects. Everybody should have a taste of concerts at least once in their life. You must make your friend’s experience with concert shows the most remarkable. Most importantly, ensure to incorporate the receiver’s tastes and preferences when choosing a gift basket.

The gift baskets aim to achieve a stress-free preparation for the concert, an incredible event, and relaxing after-concert moments that will leave them yearning for more. Here are some classic concert gift basket ideas to prepare you for that annual event:

Ticket Gift Basket

A ticket at hand for an upcoming concert brings so much peace, facilitating a stress-free preparation. Simply, a ticket sets the pace for all the other practices ahead of the actual event. Therefore, gifting your friend(s) a ticket for an approaching concert will make them happy and more anxious for D-day.

Gone are the days when you could simply gift your friends with tickets to a concert, and that’s all. People have developed fancier ways to bring happiness to their loved ones. You can deliver your ticket gift basket in a package accompanied by other goodies such as welcome cards, snacks, and candies.

Alternatively, you can organize a store announcement, welcoming your receiver to the particular concert while shopping together. Other ways to present ticket gift baskets include giving away at your recipient’s favourite radio show or mystery hunts. 

Plot twists (initially pretending not to be interested in the concert and then popping up later with fully paid tickets) have also proven helpful in delivering a concert ticket gift basket. The aim is to have your friends more excited as they prepare for the concert. 

Concert Wears

Another incredible concert gift basket is made up of concert wears. You can choose different garments for your loved one depending on the type of the upcoming concert. For instance, if the forthcoming concert will have a lot of dancing, classic lightweight shoes would make a perfect gift basket essential. 

Other garments relevant for a concert include a head scarf, a fleece blanket, suitable leggings, and customized hoodies or jackets. You should have comfort in mind when shopping for garments for a concert. You can add snacks, drinks, and candies to make a heartwarming gift basket. 

Backpack Gift Basket

A backpack is a lifesaver when it comes to a concert. You won’t have to worry about having someone else store your stuff when you’re at the show. Everyone needs this gift basket to attend a dream concert, and they will live to remember the experience. 

Get your loved one a classic backpack gift basket, a stylish water bottle, a face towel, and candies to deliver a meaningful gift basket. Concert backpacks should be comfortable and lightweight enough to carry around for hours.

Foldable Chair Gift Basket

You must be familiar with how tiring attending a concert can be. Simultaneously, you deserve those remarkable moments of your life at least once in a while, and that’s where the foldable chair gift basket comes in. The basket is ideal for a friend with whom you wish to attend a concert and rest between different performances. 

The good thing with foldable chairs, as the name suggests, is that they can be folded to fit in medium-sized backpacks, making them easier to carry around. You can accompany the chair with mini sanitizers, a face towel, the concert’s program, and a relevant diary to create a charming gift basket. 

Selfie Stick and an Instant Camera

Besides the singing and dancing, concerts are nearly incomplete without several snaps to mark the day. Those who failed to attend the event would wish to see some images from the ground and maybe plan to appear in the next. A selfie stick and instant camera can make a perfect gift basket for a friend preparing for an upcoming concert. 

That way, they will capture every moment at their convenience for future review. Other essentials that can be added to a selfie stick and instant camera gift basket include drinks, snacks, candies, sanitizer, a water bottle, and earplugs. 

After-Concert Care Package

After preparing your loved one for a forthcoming concert, you may go overboard with a care gift basket when you get back home. Although everything is worth the experience, shows can be exhaustive, especially if it’s someone’s first time in a while.

An after-concert gift basket entails a fully paid session at your friend’s favourite spa and massage joint to bring back the body into default settings. Alternatively, you can get them a package of care items such as essential oils, facial masks and creams, body lotion, shower gel, a customized coffee mug, and a bottle of their most-cherished wine.